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Restoring Your Smile for Comfort and Beauty


From time to time, it’s normal to experience a cavity or worn-out tooth. Although there are things you can do to protect your smile, unwanted decay or emergencies may creep up on you unexpectedly. When they do, you need an affordable dental team who can get you out of pain, fix your tooth, and send you on your way as quickly as possible. That’s why you need to call Aces Dental!

Dental Implants Provide Lifetime Tooth Replacement

Replace one or two teeth at a time with our convenient dental implants. With implants, your jawbone naturally integrates around the artificial root, securing it in place. Once it has, we place a prosthesis over it, such as a crown or a bridge. Implants are the most “natural” type of tooth replacement, as they mimic the function and resemble the appearance of your real teeth. In certain cases, we can also provide All-on-4 implant supported dentures.

Our Crowns Have a 5-Year Warranty

When teeth are badly decayed, they may need a filling. But what happens when the “walls” of enamel around the filling are missing? The filling would fall out or the tooth would crack. In situations such as these, we would recommend placing a crown over the tooth, so that it can function normally.

Aces Dental uses Bruxzir crowns made of highly durable zirconia. In fact, each one comes with a 5-year warranty against fractures.

Bridges for Missing Teeth

Bridges can be anchored on top of healthy teeth or dental implants to replace missing teeth. They prevent other teeth from drifting into the open space, while restoring function and aesthetics.

White Dental Fillings

Dental decay is a chronic condition that your body can become accustomed to. Like diabetes, you may not even know that it’s there until it’s far too advanced. That’s why we regularly screen for cavities with digital x-rays to pinpoint problems when they are smaller and more affordable to fix.

All of our fillings are made of metal-free, white composite. They blend naturally with your tooth’s appearance and require less alteration to your healthy enamel.

Full and Partial Dentures

Conventional dentures are the most economical option for full mouth tooth replacement. Or, if you have several healthy teeth still in place, a partial denture can be made to fit around them.

Essential Root Canal Therapy

If your tooth is badly damaged, a root canal treatment can prevent the tooth from having to be extracted. During your root canal, we take our time to ensure that your mouth is as comfortable as possible. We’ve even chosen biocompatible materials that trigger new bone growth within the canal of the tooth, and alkaline cement that reduces acidity to slow the breakdown of the remaining tooth structure.


We Strive to Keep You Comfortable

It’s fairly common to feel nervous about having dental work done, but at Aces Dental we want you to know that we work hard to keep you comfortable. You can request nitrous oxide sedation at any time to help with your anxiety!

We’re happy to accept most dental insurance plans, including Medicaid. No coverage? Ask about our in-house dental savings plan. Call us today! We’re open 6 days a week.

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