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Las Vegas Dental Implants

 Tooth decay, gum disease, and injury are common reasons you could be missing teeth.  But a missing tooth or two may cause worse problems than a gap in your smile.

Over time, without teeth to support, the bone of your jaw will lose strength and density.  Even your neighboring teeth will start to shift and change how your smile looks.

Can’t a Bridge or Dentures Fix This Problem?

Bridges and dentures have their place in dental treatment, but neither provide a permanent solution for tooth loss.  Bridges may require the dentist to drill and remove parts of healthy teeth.  Dentures, especially ones with a poor fit, may slip and slide in your mouth, causing slurred or noisy speech and difficulty chewing. 

At Aces Dental, we will provide you a solution that can last for your lifetime!  Dental Implants are the standard of care when teeth need to be replaced.  Implants are a permanent treatment that will let you speak and smile with confidence. We provide the best dental implants in las vegas, nv

How Do Implants Work?

First, we will assess your jaw, ensuring that you have enough healthy bone structure for the procedure.  The artificial root (implant,) typically made from titanium, will be inserted into your jaw under local anesthesia.  In 6-12 weeks your jaw will heal and integrate the implant into your bone. Integration causes the “new tooth” to become a stable part of your jaw.  During that time, you will have a temporary crown while our lab makes a customized crown that will fit into your bite and smile.  Once the implant has become fixed, we will bond the restoration over the abutment.

How Do I Care for My New Tooth?

Care for your new dental implants just like you care for your natural teeth: brush and floss daily, make time for regular checkups with our dentist!

If you have teeth missing, call Aces Dental today and find out if Dental Implants are right for you! We are proud to have the Best Dental Implant dentists in Las Vegas on our staff.

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