Food List

Please review the Food List to familiarize yourself on what to expect during your time in treatment and how to pre=vent broken appliances.

  • Carbonated beverages

    Carbonated Beverages

    Soda dissolves the glue that holds your braces in place causing more broken brackets

  • Ice


    A big no no! Eating ice will crack the cement that bonds the braces to the enamel of your teeth. Do not suck on ice either, you may give in and bite down. It only takes one little bite to crack the cement

  • Hard Pizza Crust

    Hard Pizza Crust

    Avoid hard edges of the pizza crust. You can still enjoy the toppings and the soft pizza base

  • Crunchy foods

    Crunchy Foods

    Avoid chips, Doritos, tortilla shells, Cheetos, Fritos, hard pretzels, etc. If it makes a crunch when you bite down, it is best to stay away.

  • Sticky, Chewy food

    Sticky, Chewy Food

    Gum, gummy bears, Tootsie Rolls, taffy. Sticky foods can pull separators out and/or get stuck to your appliances. This can lead to breakage and cavities.

  • Hard cookies

    Hard Cookies

    Ginger snaps, biscotti can be eaten only if softened in milk before consumption

  • Popcorn


    Popcorn kernels (shells) are prone to getting stuck between your teeth and gums. It can cause bad breath, cavities, even infection

  • Pens/Pencils


    Even though it is a low calorie snack! stay away from this habit. Remember it only takes one bite to delay your treatment

  • Apples, Pickles, Carrots

    Apples, Pickles, Carrots

    Do not try to bite into an apple with your braces on. Any crunchy food should be cut into smaller bite size portions for consumption.

  • Oral Hygiene

    Oral Hygiene

    Remember to keep your teeth and gums clean: Proper brushing and flossing twice a day will help prevent cavities and decalcification (white or brown) stains during orthodontic treatment.

Broken appliances (brackets, bands or wires etc.) will delay your treatment and can lead to increased treatment costs and poor results. Please be advised this is only a guide used for food items you want to avoid during treatment. Not all the items to be avoided have been listed. Use caution while eating to prevent breakage of orthodontic appliances. If your appliance breaks or gets loose call our office immediately .

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