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Yes. Please call us to schedule an appointment so we can place it back on and no delay in treatment occurs. It is normal to experience some soreness. If this occurs, eating softer foods may help. Please avoid sticky chewy, gummy foods. Please do not floss where separators have been placed. Please do not pick at separators with your fingers or tongue. You can read more about separators/spacers in “Starting Braces” tab under FAQ’s.
If you have just had your braces placed, your cheeks are still getting used to the braces. Soreness on the inside of your cheek is a common complaint and can be easily relieved by placing some wax on the bracket opposite the sore spot. Avoid acidic and spicy foods. This should heal pretty quickly.

You can place wax on the wire that is causing the irritation. We do not recommend clipping the wire without the orthodontist’s supervision. As your teeth straighten the wire can sometimes poke your cheek. If the wax does not give you relief from pain please contact our office to make an appointment.
If you are unable to keep or have missed your scheduled appointment, please call the office and reschedule the appointment immediately. Missing appointments can lead to delay in treatment and / or poor results.
Occasionally, a glued bracket /band may break off from the tooth surface and get loose. You can remove the loose bracket and save it in a in a sandwich bag OR leave it where it is, in your mouth, if it is not causing any irritation. Inform the office immediately so we can set up an appointment ASAP to repair the broken /loose bracket/band.
You may experience some discomfort on the day your separators/braces are placed or after your monthly adjustment appointment. This is normal and should diminish within 24-72 hours. A few suggestions to help with the discomfort: Rinse with warm water, eat a soft diet, and take acetaminophen (Tylenol) or ibuprofen (Advil) as directed by the orthodontist. If pain persists more than a few days, call our office.

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